Jersey Jeopardy


Jersey Jeopardy

We are excited to offer a Jersey Jeopardy contest for youth. The contest is similar to the popular TV show. But, our Jeopardy is all about cows and the dairy industry. Contestants do not have to answer in the form of a question, but they do have to be recognized by the moderator by name before answering.

Enter by age division:

  1.  Junior, ages 8 to 12
  2.  Intermediate, ages 13 to 16
  3.  Senior, ages 17 to 20

when you register online or use the mail-in form.

Primary sources of information will include Hoard’s Dairyman (issues from January 2016 to May 2017), Jersey Journal (January 2016 to May 2017), and various pages found on the USJersey website.

Sire summary information included in the contest will be based on April 2017 genetic evaluations (Green Book).

There will also be general dairy knowledge questions covering all aspects of the dairy industry such as nutrition, reproduction, milk quality, herd health, genetics/sire summaries, feedstuffs, etc.  Excellent background information can be found in the 2016 Virginia 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Materials and workbooks such as “World of Dairy Cattle Nutrition” offered by Holstein Foundation. The PDCA Unified Dairy Cow Scorecard (2009) and Showmanship Guidelines (2016) are also potential sources of questions.

Here are general contest rules:

  1. Depending on the number of entries, there may be one, two, or three rounds played in each division. The winner of each match will automatically advance to the next round (as long as he/she has a positive score), and then the next-highest contestants in the round will be ranked to determine the other players in the next round. To advance to the next subsequent round, a contestant must have a score greater than 0 in the previous round. Only players with positive scores at the end of the round just prior to Final Jeopardy may advance to Final Jeopardy.  The coordinator of the Jersey Jeopardy contest will determine the number of contestants playing in each match.
  2. The player who chooses the first clue in a game will be randomly selected by the moderator. After that, the contestant with the last correct answer selects the next category and point value. Questions in each category will be valued at 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 points.
  3. A contestant wishing to answer any question must activate the signaling device. At this point, the Jeopardy screen will be darkened and the moderator will stop reading the question. The moderator will call on the contestant by first name. After being acknowledged by the moderator, the contestant must immediately begin an answer. The answer does not have to be in the form of a question. For example, both “colostrum” and “What is colostrum?” are acceptable answers.  If the contestant who signaled cannot provide a correct answer, then the board will be undarkened and the question will be reread. One more contestant will have the opportunity to signal and provide an answer. If no contestant signals within five seconds after the question has been read, then the contest continues with no points awarded or deducted.  The contestant with the last correct answer will continue play by selecting another clue.
  4. If a contestant is recognized but fails to immediately start his/her answer, the contestant will lose the point value of the question; the question will be then offered for one other contestant to answer. Likewise, if a contestant answers without signaling or being recognized by the moderator, the answer will be declared incorrect and the point value of the question will be deducted. After this, one other contestant will have the opportunity to signal and provide a correct answer.
  5. For questions regarding cows or bulls, contestants must provide the full registration name (excluding suffixes, generation counts, etc.) unless otherwise indicated in the clue. If an animal’s complete registration name is not offered correctly and in the proper order, the answer will be declared incorrect. (Example: JX Schultz Volcano Harris—correct; JX Volcano Harris—incorrect; JX Schultz Harris Volcano—incorrect.) For people, last names are sufficient unless otherwise indicated in the clue.  If a contestant offers a correct last name but adds an incorrect first name or other incorrect information, then the answer becomes incorrect. (Example: Neal Smith—correct; Smith—correct; James Smith—incorrect.)
  6. Once any portion of an incorrect answer has been given, contestants will not be allowed to correct their answer. Rulings on mispronunciations by contestants are at the discretion of the judges, but the mispronounced word cannot be construed as a different word. (Example: keratin vs. carotene.) Any incorrect extra information added to an answer makes the answer incorrect.
  7. Scores will reset to 0 after each round is completed for contestants that advance to the next round. Every contestant begins at 0 in every round except for Final Jeopardy.
  8. Each round will contain two questions called Jersey Doubles. For Jersey Doubles, contestants will be allowed to wager any or all of their points in 10-point increments. If a contestant has less than 50 points, he/she may wager up to 50 points on the question (this is the maximum point value on the board).  The points wagered will be added to the contestant’s score if the answer is correct, and they will be deducted if incorrect.
  9. Final Jeopardy will be played at the end of the last round for each division. Contestants may wager none, any, or all of their points (in 10-point increments). They will write down their wagers after the category is revealed.  After the clue is revealed, contestants will write down their answers. Correct answers will result in the points added their score at the end of the previous round, while incorrect answers will result in the contestant losing the points wagered.  At the end of Final Jeopardy, the contestant with the most points will be the winner, second-most points will earn second place, etc.
  10. In case of ties among the contestants that affect the last position for advancement to the next round, single tiebreaker questions will be offered to only the tied contestants until contestant(s) either answers correctly to advance or else answers incorrectly to be eliminated. These will be answered orally.  If contestants are tied for top any of the top three positions after Final Jeopardy, they will answer tiebreaker answers in written form until a winner is declared among the tied contestants.
  11. The moderator and judges will determine if answers are correct. The decision of the judges is final, and their decisions are not subject to challenge during the contest.
  12. The use of cell phones and other electronic devices (including recording devices) is not allowed in the holding areas or competition rooms.
  13. Every effort will be made to assure the accuracy of questions and answers throughout the contest. Contest organizers and sponsors cannot guarantee that errors or omissions will not occur, and they will not be responsible in the case of unexpected errors or omissions relating to questions, rulings on answers, or all other aspects of the contest.